Thursday, September 3, 2009

campus wrap-up

We have been examining our "mini-city" of UNC at Greensboro and how all the different buildings relate to each other as a whole. This map above shows all the different parts of campus. The purple coloring shows the Turf. I have highlighted areas at UNCG where only sports are played to represent this specific kind of turf. The "District" I have colored in dark green. I highlighted the quad area, this is a district where usually only upper classmen and greek life stays. The strip is at the very bottom of the map - on E. Lee street. It is where there is growth and movement constantly going on. UNCG also plans on growing that direction in the future. The beat I have colored in is blue in the middle, the Fountain area. This is a beat in campus, because it is where people stop and meet friends, eat, or study. It is an important part of UNCG campus and represents a lot of college life and activity. Lastly, the "Vantage" I have found at UNCG is unique to me. It is the Studio Arts Building. I am an Interior Architecture student and really enjoy doing what I do. When I am there I have a different vantage point of UNCG and, as clay would say, I am "removed from the norm".
The image above is a "stack" on campus. It is pushed to the edge of campus mainly because it is not used by students, however it provides all the heating and cooling for campus. A stack is described as extra stuff stacked up, or materials stacking up. In this case it is a physical smoke stack, with the functions stacking up.

These two images above are of a "fix". Clay described one particular kind of fix as a cross-section. If you took a space you were examining and sliced it in half, you would explore one side. However, this could be deceiving to study because you would only have half the history or evidence you need. The science building is the first image, a modern building built in 2004, while the image below it is of the 320 McIver building built in the 1020's. These two are right across the street from each other, proving a cross-section may not provide you with all the information and history.

This image is of Tate St. on the very edge of campus. I am letting this represent a "Front". This is where campus/education ends and residential/office space begins in the city of Greensboro.

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