Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thick Description

Today we looked at The Foust Hall on UNCG campus. We spoke about what makes up the building, some things students mentioned were the rough facade, the air conditioning units sticking out the windows, the stone balcony, the prominent roof and chimneys, arched windows, horizontal banding, "weathered" looking brick, and weep holes. Then we went on to talk about what the building did NOT have in comparison to other buildings on campus. Some things mentioned were white trim around the windows and doors, a flat roof, electrical lines running from other buildings/poles, exterior fire escape stairwells, and a large attic.
We also spoke about how this building related to others on campus. In relation to Spring Garden St and College Ave, the building faces Spring Garden, and leaves little of itself to face College Ave. When Foust was newly built there were many buildings on campus that looked identical to it in terms of style, but now those buildings have been torn down, and more "modern" buildings have grown around it. Here are some images of Foust Hall and our class studying it.

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  1. these are great photos. thanks for helping us keep track of who we are along the way. i wonder if you'd consider annotating the photos you include (separately or as a batch) to help students understand why the photographs help tell part of your story on the experience.